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Medical sensors and devices could track individuals vital signs and response to treatments over time, learning to adjust dosages or even catch problems early. Your smartphone could learn to anticipate what you want next, such as background on someone youre about to meet or an alert that its time to leave for your next meeting. Those self-driving cars Google is experimenting with might not need your help at all, and more adept Roombas wouldnt get stuck under your couch. “Were blurring the boundary between silicon and biological systems,” says Qualcomms chief technology officer, Matthew Grob. 7. The Best Drone For Every Beginner (Gizmodo) The intrigue with drones is obvious and now they’re no more expensive than any other gadget. But what’s the right one to get started withyou know, for fun?
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HAROLD MORGAN Albuquerque Teachers have no place in legislature WHETHER OR NOT Albuquerque Public Schools pays employees while they are serving in the Legislature is beside the point. The real issue is that public school employees should not be in the Legislature at all. New Mexico law prohibits employees of federal, state, county and municipal governments from serving as elected legislators. The same prohibition should apply to school employees for the same reasons. Because the state controls school funding and an increasing number of policy decisions, public school teachers and administrators are government employees.
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