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If your Stanley-Bostitch framing nailer needs a new magazine, o-rings or even a new driver, don’t worry. We have the Stanley-Bostitch parts you need to get your …

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Stanley Bostitch

Global manufacturer of nailers, staplers, fasteners, compressors and accessories for construction, industrial, and office applications

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Dewalt How To Change Triggers On A Framing Nailer

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Craig L asked Best DIY Pneumatic Nailer combo kit.?

I’m in the market to get a good Pneumatic nailer combo kit. This Christmas I received an battery powered DeWalt nailer. While I own numerous DeWalt power tools I don’t think the battery powered Nailer can compete with a Pneumatic. I was wondering which combo it is the best bang for the buck. I want it to do smaller in-home duties like crown molding, base boards, and maybe fence repair…etc.

These are the companies that I’m comparing… DeWalt, Porter Cable, Bostitech. Any advise will be appreciated.

And got the following answer:

My framing nailer is Bostitch and all finish,brad and staplers are Porter Cable. We also use both Porter Cable and DeWalt air compressors. All of these are at least five years old and are used daily no problems with either brand. Bostitch and Porter Cable have goods buys on sets with compressor and two or three types of nailer’s. Check out the box stores.
We also use a lot of DeWalt tools but not any pneumatic.

sailor asked What is the best pneumatic framing nail gun?

I was just at Home Depot searching for a framing nail gun. It will be used for home use, not a business. I like the Paslode, gas cartridge/battery operated but it is spendy and I’ve heard the #1 nailer that is returned with problems, mainly not being cleaned as instructions say to do. I looked at Bostitch, Porter Cable, and several others but just not sure what is the best middle of the road nailer and that will work reliably.

And got the following answer:

i own a Hitachi (full headed nail model), metal body framing gun and love it. i also own the Hitachi roofing nail gun. i do home improvement for a living, and guys that i have worked with have switched to Hitachi after working with me and my guns. one guy used to use bostich, but switched, the other used senco guns. also, the Hitachi’s continue to fire and set nails when the others don’t, when the air pressure runs low. as far as the paslode, nails cost more for those, and then you need the fuel cells, too, if you have a compressor, i’d go for an air nailer. if Hitachi’s are too pricey for your budget, i’d suggest that you look at the new Milwaukee guns, i know that they are priced affordably, and if they are anything like their power tools, will be well built. another thing to consider is repairs, check your local yellow pages for air tool repair shops, and see what brands they fix, just in case. squirt the tool with a few drops of air tool oil before you start to use them for the day, and again after lunch if it’s humid and you shouldn’t have any trouble whichever tool you buy. good luck, hope this helps.

Spoul asked What model is my Bostitch framing nailer?

I purchased a used Bostitch framing nailer at a garage sale but cant tell what model it is to get rebuild kit.
All the stickers are worn and there’s no stamped information on it. It is an older gun so I’m unable to match it on the Bostitch website.
I put a couple pictures of the gun on my website:


And got the following answer:

My best guess is it’s an earlier form of the “F28WW”, which simply means it uses 28 degree, wire welded stick (vs. coiled) nails. The other option would be a version of the “F21PL” which is a plastic collated stick nail. Holding my “F21PL” against your pictures it appears yours has a little more angle which is why I think it’s the wire collated nailer.

I would go through the different models of Wire Welded nailers and see what rebuild kit they use, my guess is they mostly use the same kit, so try that one.

I use to sell Bostitch nailers, and they usually hold up well, even when they look like your. So you may not need to rebuild it unless it isn’t working correctly. If it has air leaking when you plug it into a compressor I would put 6 – 10 drops of air tool oil in the air hose connector, then let it set for a day, moving it around occasionally. If the air leaks the same, you need to replace the o-rings, if it leaks less, try again, and if it stops leaking your great.

You can also look up “tool repair” in the yellow pages, and they may be able to give you more advise.

Hope this helps,


asked Stanley Bostitch Framing Nailer N80SB wont work?

It had been sitting in storage for a long time, now wont work i clean out the inside but air seems to leaking from the trigger any idea on how to fix it?

And got the following answer:

The “O” rings in the trigger valve have deteriorated. Purchase a new trigger valve for about $25 and install yourself. For a better job since it has been sitting around for a while is to take it to a repair shop and have it cleaned in a wash tank and rebuilt – about $75.
WD-40 will destroy the O rings. People don’t understand that O rings are made from different species of rubber/plastic/neoprene – some of which do not hold up with certain lubricants. We have over 25 different brands of lubricants in our shop that are specific for certain brands of tools.
Milwaukee has over 8 different types of grease in its tools.
Take it to a Bostitch Service Center

Maria Gallercia asked What are the best tools’ manufacturer?

I heard it is either Snap on OR Craftsmen tools. Please let me know. Thank you in advance.

And got the following answer:

It depends on the type of tool. I have used all sorts of tools professionally and on home projects.

For hand tools (screwdriver, wrenches, ratchets and socket sets) both Snap On and Mac tools are the ones that professionals use — they are the strongest and most reliable. My ex had a car repair shop and he started out with Craftsman tools but they broke so often under the use they got all day long that he switched to the more expensive Snap On and Mac. They are also warranteed, but since they don’t break, you won’t always have to be exchanging them the way you do with Craftsman. In fact, my ex gave me a lot of his Craftsman tools when I started working as a construction electrician and I found that they even broke when I used them, so I started buying the Mac and Snap On as well. Snap On makes an ergonomic multi-tip ratcheting screwdriver that is one of my favorite tools in the world. I use it around the house nearly every week. However, you can only buy Snap On and Mac from an independent dealer, not in stores. You would have to find one locally and contact them or look for one of their sales vans.

For cutting tools (diagonal and linesman pliers and wire strippers) the best manufacturer is Klein. They also make a very good hacksaw frame, excellent tool belts and a metal hole sawing bit called a UniBit that is one of the coolest things going.

For slipjoint pliers the best brand is Channellock.

For cable cutting and hole sawing: Greenlee

For drill motors, for homeowner use, Dewalt makes excellent reasonably priced 120v and cordless units. I have used most of the brands while working in the field for various companies — some of the Makitas are good and Bosch and Hilti make the best hammer drills, in my opinion. For a reciprocating saw or a drywall screwgun, Milwaukee seems to hold up the best.

For pneumatic nailers: Bostitch

For super accurate levels of all sizes: Stabila

For retractable steel measuring tape: Stanley

Brands I would avoid are Craftsman (unless you like constantly exchanging broken ones) and Black and Decker — their power tools are garbage. I will say that Craftsman makes a decent fiberglass handled hammer — I’ve had mine for 30 years now.