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Online shopping for Home Improvement Projects from a huge selection of garden tools, power tools, cordless tools, woodworking tools, hand tools, automotive tools …

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dewalt nail gun | eBay – Electronics, Cars, Fashion, Collectibles …

Find great deals on eBay for dewalt nail gun and dewalt framing nail gun. Shop with confidence.

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Original Source: dewalt nail gun – Tools & Home Improvement

Online shopping for Home Improvement Projects from a huge selection of garden tools, power tools, cordless tools, woodworking tools, hand tools, automotive tools …

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Dewalt DCN690M2 18V li-ion Cordless Brushless 90mm Framing Nailer – Toolstop DEMO – click for full spec and our best price. W…

asked What’s the best pneumatic nail gun?

I’ve looked at some by Dewalt and Paslode and they look and sound really good. But can anyone recommend a better one in terms of affordability, power, reliability, etc? Used mostly for framing and needs to be more powerful than the average nail gun.

And got the following answer:

Paslode wins this race.
They’re durable and very convenient. No compressor needed.
No air hose in your way.
And the power (depth of drive) is adjustable.
All guns bind up once in a while, (usually caused from the plastic or paper nail-binders) the Paslodes’ front mechanism is easy to take apart and clean with only one or two screws.
You won’t regret it.

jeep4x4_74 asked does dewalt make a battery operated cordless staple gun?

I see they make nail and brad nail guns but do they make staple guns that are NOT pneumatic?

And got the following answer:


I went to the DEWALT website and under cordless tools searched for a staple gun.

This what came back:

‘Your search for ‘staple gun’ returned 0 records”

Searching for STAPLER in cordless tools only brought up pneumatic tools.

Sorry, Wingman

Heidiva asked My first collection of power tools: What should I buy?

I want to be “handy” around the house–I live in the country, by the way, in the rural mountains, and I have to do a lot of thing around here myself. What is the definitive list of tools that I should get to start my collection? Preferably, I would have a short list and a long list.

What I think I should have/want is the following:
skill saw
draw knife
nail gun
staple gun

Any brand suggestions/warnings?


And got the following answer:

What I think I should have/want is the following:

drill: 3/8″ chuck, not Dewalt or Black and Decker, Battery operated, two batteries, 18 volt, Lithium Ion or better. Get a complete set of screwdriver bits as well as a complete set of drill bits. Don’t put pressure on small drill bits, they will break easily.

I would recommend either Bosch, my favorite, or Makita.

skill saw That is Skil Saw, and they are dangerous. Don’t get a cheap one, but you don’t need the very best. They are available with battery, but get a combination blade, which will come on it, and a plywood blade which will cut down on splitting on the plywood when you use it. If you are cutting plywood, measure, put a piece of masking taple on the wood, measure again, use a T square (a sheet rock tool mostly), and cut the wood. After cutting the wood, take off the tape from both sides. I would get the same brand that I recommended for the drill and make sure that the batteries are interchangable. You can buy kits with all that in it.

sander This depends on what you intend to do. They come in 1/4 sheet and 1/2 sheet size for the rectangular. I like half sheet size, but I am bigger than you are. They are also available with circular sheets, and depending on what you plan to do, get the size you want. I suggest the ones with hook and loop. Again, I would suggest that you get Bosch or Makita.

Dremmel Do you really need one?

draw knife You don’t need one

nail gun You can get a battery operated finish nailer for 18 gauge nails and unless you are framing a house, you don’t need one bigger. They make them that will take up to three inch finishing nails. Bosch and Makita don’t make them. Paslode is a good brand.
staple gun You could probably use the nail gun for that, don’t waste your money.

hammers Get one that feels good to you. Light weight hammers don’t do much, I would suggest 14 ounce to 18 ounce, with claws. Don’t get one with a cleated head for framing

Bosch, in my estimation, mades the finest tools. All are ball bearing and do not have nylon bushings like the cheaper brands. I have dropped my drill from a 30 foot ladder and gone down and got it and it still works. Of the other brands, I would dodge Dewalt (which both Home Depot and Lowes will shove in your face), but they are cheaply made. Hitachi is good, Makita is good. Porter Cable and Delta tools are made by Dewalt now.

Never buy brands you have not heard of. Don’t buy Ryobi, GNC, or anything like those.

The only other tool that I would recommend is a Bosch Scroll Saw, or hand Jig Saw. They are more expensive, but again, they don’t break. They have an older model, which I can’t remember the number, and a brand new model where the blade just pops out when you switch a lever, I would recommend eithe rof those, I have one of each.

Now for the safety lesson: Watch out for cords, use safety glasses, watch yourself with the nail gun, and don’t let a sander sit in one place to long while you are sanding.

Frank S asked Who manufactures Northern Industrial Tools nail guns?

Does one of the large manufacturers like porter cable make nail guns for Northern Industrial Tool? If not them who does make them? I am curious if they have good framing nailers because the price is certainly better then most companies.

And got the following answer:

Most nail guns–in fact, most tools–are manufactured in China and simply painted with different colors to represent different retailers. For example, 12″ planers are virtually all made by the same plant, but Dewalt, Jet, Delta et al are simply the same machine with different colors. Try Bostich or Hilti if you want quality.

All Business asked Difference between the DeWalt D51844 and D51822?

I am looking into purchasing a nail gun and am confused on which I should get. I want to know why ones at 20 degrees and ones at 30 degrees. And why ones a full round and ones a clipped head? Is one used more often? Is it a preference? I am renovating a house and have found a need to invest in a framing gun. I have a few walls to frame and hope to use this to build a deck too?

And got the following answer:

Either gun would probably be fine for you. The D51822 (31deg) will get you into confined spaces a little easier. The D51844 (20deg) can use a thicker nail.

The difference in angle is just variation in preference from two different companies. DeWalt did not come up with these angles, they are copying older nail gun manufactures.

The difference between clipped head and round head are just different ideas (originally come up with by different companies) to stick the nails together to go into the gun. Clipped head nails are usually a little more expensive (clipping the head is an extra manufacturing process) but allow for a few more nails to be loaded at one time. Both types of nails, once they go into the wood, will work the same.

In summary, both guns will handle what you are doing. You are not going to look like a noob to all the contractors for having the wrong nail collation. Go into the hardware store and handle both guns. Try holding the gun in various positions like you were nailing something. Whichever feels best, buy it.

Oh, and put your deck together with bolts and screws. It would be a shame to have all that work come apart on you.

llckll asked Can I use the Dewalt DC618K nail gun to install hardwood floors?

I was planning on installing locking hardwood floors but have read some mixed reviews on them. So now if I want to install real hardwood floors, can I use my nail gun?

Can I use DeWalt nail gun?

And got the following answer:

Only for the first row. After that, the floor boards are blind nailed through the tongue with a flooring nailer or stapler. This is much more secure, and looks better, then face nailing the boards. As you drive the nails/staples, it pulls the boards tight to the previous row and closes the gaps. Hope this helps.