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There are media reports of women around the country being arrested for straw buying. A Boston nonprofit called Citizens for Safety began targeting women as a way to reduce gun homicides in inner city neighborhoods. “Ladies Involved in Putting a Stop To Inner-City Killings,” or “LIPSTICK,” is a group of women, many of whom have lost loved ones to gun violence. They go out into the communities where street shootings are the worst and give workshops — at nail salons, community centers, battered women’s shelters, and churches. They break down how straw purchasing works. The idea is to educate women about the dangers of buying or hiding guns for men in their lives.
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Wesley Dever has lived on Rogers Street in Mauriceville for six years. Monday night, Dever says he found himself face to face with a woman holding a gun. “It’s crazy,” said Dever. “Last night I felt a little shooken up. Didn’t really get much sleep. It was kinda– everything was different.” Deputies say at about ten o’clock Monday night Amanda Parker went to an acquaintance’s house in the 6900 block of Swisher Street in Mauriceville.
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They came in from the Mexican place and kept going, said Charles Nguyen with New Star. They then tore through walls until their reached Starkeys Bait Shop. Unfortunately for the burglars, the owners were inside along with their beloved German Shepherd named Penny. I guess they were getting ready to knock the wall back there when I heard it, said Barbara Starkey, the owners wife. So she starts barking and going in circles. I know something is wrong. She called 911 immediately while her husband prepared to handle the situation himself.
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