Equipment Loss Totals More Than $100,000 At Aurora Airport –

Gary Henderson of Mayo recalls violent attempted armed robbery |

AURORA, Mo. — In what’s being called an unprecedented airport theft, more than $100,000 worth of equipment was taken from the Aurora Airport, last week. Insurance adjusters are still assessing the losses, that happened overnight last Wednesday. Inside just one plane, the equipment taken, is expected total more than $18,000. “You can still fly without it but it certainly doesn’t make it near as safe,” says Aurora Airport Operator Justin Richmond.
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Firefighters Box Cops for Charity: Local law enforcement got their proverbial asses whupped Saturday night at Austin’s inaugural Battle of the Badges – News – The Austin Chronicle

All told, the contest saw five knockouts, a series of split decisions, one much-publicized nipple slip (from a dancer escorting one boxer to the ring pre-fight), and, by my count, three potentially broken noses. The Sheriff’s Office fared worst, you could say, dropping 10 of 13 matches and the first seven of the evening. TCSO’s Mario Sotelo ended the drought with a super heavyweight knockout of the Pedernales Fire Dept.’s Justin O’Baugh, springing a three-bout run by the law enforcement officials.
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He was transported to Spartanburg Medical Center.

Bostic was listed in fair condition as of Wednesday evening, said Sharon Jackson, a spokeswoman for the hospital.

Henderson, 42, said Bostic had lived with him previously for several years, and said Bostic first came in Tuesday with another man acting as if they wanted to sell an older model shotgun and an old pistol. Henderson said the two men knew he had antique collections.

He recalled each minute of the events that had unfolded inside his living room.

Bostic began loading the shotgun without responding to requests to stop, Henderson said.

When he didn’t acknowledge what I was saying, I knew what he was fixing to do, he said.

Henderson said Bostic told them to throw their drugs and money on the table and to take off their clothes.

I said, You ain’t taking my only (expletive) $10, Henderson said, adding that he found a BB gun in the seat of his couch and quickly grabbed it and pointed it at Bostic. I said, ‘Put the gun down or I’m going to kill you.’ Then he turns toward the kitchen and fires a shot, like a warning shot.

The shotgun blast went through the back wall and cabinet of the kitchen, Henderson pointed out, and nearly struck a 26-year-old woman who had been cooking on the stove, he said.

Moments later, friend Barry Vaughn dived at Bostic’s shotgun and grappled with the barrel so it would face the ground and not at anyone else, Vaughn said.

Vaughn and Henderson said they fought with Bostic and the man he was with for more than five minutes before they got them out of their front door.
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