Family And Friends Mourn Man Killed In Police-involved Shooting In Evans |

State police push for tighter rules on gun dealers – New York News

In a statement provided through his office, Rourke said he expected to decide if officers were justified in the shooting within 30-45 days. The detectives assigned to this case are in the process of conducting a full, complete and thorough investigation, the statement read. The final report form the District Attorneys Office will address the factual circumstances surrounding the shooting as well as address inaccurate information that has been provided to the media outlets by various sources of information. Rodriguez was known as Big Mike friends and family say.
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A total of 25 people were hurt on Wednesday afternoon including the driver of the B46bus, said fire officials. The crash, which began when two vehicles collided followed by one of the vehicles striking the bus, happened at Utica Ave. and Ave. D.
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RETRO REVIEW: Yakuza 4 – oprainfall

Yakuza 4 | Heat Move

I was more than a little intimidated by the sheer amount of possibilities in his attacks, so it took me a while to get comfortable using him. Initially, youre locked into only using one character while you play through their section of the story, though, in the games final hours, youll have the ability to freely switch between them. As with the previous games, Yakuza 4s story takes place in a fictional Tokyo red light district known as Kamurocho. With four individual characters going through vastly different trials on their way to the finale, it can be a little tricky to talk about the story without venturing too far into spoiler territory, but lets see how we do. While each character has his own unique motivations and goals during his own section, each of them is invariably tied to a mysterious woman named Lily who is being pursued by the Yakuza for some unknown reason. Meanwhile, a string of murders among high-ranking Tojo and Ueno Sewa Clan members is fanning the flames of war between the two groups both of whom are seeking to keep and gain control of Kamurocho, respectively. Along the way, each of our four heroes uncovers ample amounts of intrigue, betrayals and twists that all seem to stem from a sinister plot that was first set in motion over 25 years prior.
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