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Hitachi 725291; Hitachi 725297 Round Head Framing Nailer Compressor Combo Kit; Hitachi NR65AK Round Head 1-1/2-Inch To 2-1/2-Inch Positive Placement Nailer

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Hitachi 18-Gauge Brad Nailer and Compressor Combo Kit – Lowe’s Canada

Combo Kit includes: 18 Gauge Brad Nailer, 6 Gallon Pancake Compressor, 5,000 Brad Nails, 25’ Poly Hose + Couplers, safety glasses and brad nailer carrying caseOil …

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The Hitachi NT50GS 18-Gauge 2-Inch Cordless Gas Powered Straight Finish Nailer may be used in a variety of applications including molding installation, cabinet and …

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Hitachi Tool Corner- NT50AE2 2in. 18-Gauge Finish Nailer Discussion

Learn more about Hitachi's new 2″ 18-Gauge Finish Nailer. For more info- check out This nailer comes with a 5yr warranty!

alphapoet asked What’s the difference between a Brad Nailer and a Finishing Nailer?

I am learning how to work with wood and different projects call for these nailers and I’m not sure what the real difference is. I even saw a kit at Costcos with both and a Floor Nailer (I know what that one is for).

I need to do some moldings and I think I need a Frame nailer for that.

Any help is appreciated. If you can, include some practical usages for each type of nailer.


And got the following answer:

while i thought some of the other answers were good or o.k., they might be just a little vague. i think that how you would use each of these tools would go further in answering your question. to start with, the brad nailer; i would use this to build a picture frame, or other small nailing project, requireing nails 1″ or less. with the finish nailer; if i were putting up window and door trim, chair rails, or floor trim, this would be the gun that you would use for that. a framing gun; if you are going to build walls, apply plywood, or exterior trim in certain applications, this would be the use for it. now as far as what type of tool to buy; if your use is for a hobby, then the less expensive combination kits should be fine for that. the same with the finish nailer, for just use on your own home project. just make sure that the nails for the guns are readily available for when you need more. you won’t want to have to run around or have to order them when you need them. now if you are planning to make your living with these tools; i would suggest that you check out a home improvement store, or tool supply house, for a better quality tool. then buy the best the best that you can afford so that you’ll be able to depend on it. this would be espessialy true with a framing gun. if this is the case for you, i would reccomend hitachi air tools, i use those for the tools that i need to depend on in my line of work. my finish nailer is a mid grade quality tool, and the brad nailer is basicly just for around my own house. as far as the compressor goes; once again buy the best that you can afford since it will be running all of your air tools and be used all of the time. here again, i bought a hitachi. i would advise you to avoid the dewalt compressor though, they seem to be having a lot of trouble lately, since they were bought out by black and decker. well i guess this turned into a pretty long answer, but i hope that it helps you out and good luck.

Alex W asked what nail gun should i use for making birdhouses?

i am making birdhouses what kind of nail gun should i use to make a birdhouse. should i use brad or other kinds.

And got the following answer:

I would get an 18 gauge Hitachi brad nailer you can shoot 5/8 on an inch nails up to 2″ so for what you want to do it should be a good all around gun

emale2 asked Have you ever used the airless framing or finish nailing guns and if so how did you like them?

thinking about buying one the pros’s and cons,would you recommend one yes or no ,why or why not.any answer welcome thank you for your answers.

And got the following answer:

I have 3 Paslode guns(battery power with butane cartridge). The angled finish and brad finish guns are great and I wouldn’t go back to a compressor and hose for anything. I highly recommend them.

The Paslode framer is nice for small projects, but is a bit particular when toe-nailing. Can’t rapid-fire with it either. I use my Hitachi for larger framing projects. I would say ask at a home center to play with this one before purchasing.

You do have to buy Paslodes nails for framer and angled trim. Brad nailer will take Porter-cable nails. Cartridges last quite a while. Batteries take a couple hours to charge. I looked at DeWalt’s guns and they were heavier than these. I’m happy with all of them. Hope that helps.

flyfisherman_46 asked What tools are recomended for a home woodshop?

Hi all I just moved into a new house and for the first time I have enough space to make a home wood shop. I want to mainly make clocks and some furniture. I had a small shop before this but could only do smaller projects the area I have now is a 3 car garage about 30 feet wide by fifteen feet long with 9 foot ceilings. It is heated and air conditioned with a cement floor. As far as tools I have a table saw a potable router table a small drill press and a sanding machine with both a belt and disk sander. I also have a small wheel grinder and a sharpening grinder (the water type) I ordered a Carve wright woodcarving machine that should be here thursday but wondering what other tools i should have? things like lathes,planers etc I have all kinds of hand tools and clamps. Also wondering if I should cover my floor with either a rubberized coating or something to cut down on fatigue? Any thought would be appreciated/ Oh as far as a budget goes I have about 7 thousand in my tool fund but would like to get good equipment I’m thinking either DeWalt or Grizzly I have a Grizzly store not to far from me.

And got the following answer:

The most important tool you can have in your shop is a good table saw. The versatility is amazing. For that, I would get a Delta contractors saw. It will set you back $6-700, but it’s well worth it. A good 12-1/2″ or 13″ surface planer, along with a good 8″ jointer are a must. You will want a minimum of 2 routers. One should be 1-1/2 or 2 HP, one should be 3-1/2 HP. Porter Cable is the way to go for routers. You should have a compressor, trim nailers, brad nailers, even a finish stapler. If you get a large enough compressor, you can get air tools, such as a random orbit sander. They are much lighter than their motorized counterparts, which will reduce fatigue. A sliding compound miter saw is a great addition as well. Hitachi is the best, and you can get a 10″ slider for around $450. Other tools, you can buy as you need them. Dust collection is a good idea as well, which can be added in later. Hope this helps.