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Hitachi 725291; Hitachi 725297 Round Head Framing Nailer Compressor Combo Kit; Hitachi NR65AK Round Head 1-1/2-Inch To 2-1/2-Inch Positive Placement Nailer

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Hitachi NR90AE(S) 3-1/2-Inch Full-Head Framing Strip Nailer …

The Hitachi NR90AEPR 3-1/2-Inch Plastic Collated Framing Nailer has an ideal power-to-weight ratio for driving performance in the toughest materials by weighing in at …

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Hitachi Nail Gun | Hitachi Nailer

Hitachi Nail Gun NR83A2. The best in the business. This Hitachi nail gun excels at wall and floor framing, subflooring, roofing, truss work, window framing, wall …

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Hitachi NR90AE(S) 3-1/2-Inch Full-Head Framing Strip Nailer …

The Hitachi NR90AEPR 3-1/2-Inch Plastic Collated Framing Nailer has an ideal power-to-weight ratio for driving performance in the toughest materials by weighing in at …

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Hitachi Framing Nailer Kit with 3-1/4 in. Stick Round Head Framing …

Hitachi – Framing Nailer Kit-3 1/4 in. Stick Round Head Framing Nailer, 4 Gallon Air Compressor, Hose/Fittings – This professional frame kit is the choice of …

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Senco SN952XP, 3-1/2″ Full Round Head Framing Nailer (Xtreme Pro) 5A0001N – Real User Review put the Senco SN952XP, 3-1/2″ Full Round Head Framing Nailer (Xtreme Pro) 5A0001N into …

read asked where can I find a hitachi nail gun magazine?

I have a Hitachi framing strip nailer NR83aa. i need a magazine for it and i am having a lot of trouble finding one. Magazines from NR83a and NR83a2 do not fit. does anyone know where i can find a magazine preferably for under $50

And got the following answer:

Well, the part is discontinued so that’ss why you’re having so much trouble. I did find it for $80.. way above your $50 request. Is it worth 80 for a device that is so hard to repair it it breaks again… for the $80 part.

Amazon sells the whole nailer for $269.

Ebay has one for sale at $155 max. (bid is $135 i think)

You could use your old one for spare parts. That wasn’t very helpful was it. I feel your frustration.

[email protected] asked what is better in a finish nail 15 gauge hitachi or dewalt?

as in more power, reliability, lasting time, etc, what would you buy. any other suggestions within the specs of these two

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I own 3 16guage nailers 1 pasload ( no air hose or compresor) 4 18 guage nailers 2 framing nailers and 4 staple guns … comercial finish carpentry.

havent shot hitatchi…..cant judge

porter cable

all work fine…..

noskwik asked What is the quietest portable air compressor?

I’m looking for a portable name brand air compressor such as a twin tank style. Hitachi, porter cable, and dewalt are what I’m looking for. I don’t know how to judge loudness in decibels so what is the quietest? And is oil-less better than oil ran? I’d like as high of cfm as possible to run atleast one framing nailer with no wait on recharging. Please someone explain all of this to me and give me your best opinion on each compressor. Thankyou
So for people are going for the oil units as opposed to the oil-less. Do they work well when its cold? My whole concern with the loudness is that when I’m inside an enclosed house or in the basement and that noisy compressor kicks on, it just makes my ears ring and it is sooo annoying. I have never seen a belt ran compressor as a “new” portable unit. I actually can stand to hear those run, they sound kinda like a steam engine.

And got the following answer:

I have seen allot of them at work and everyone likes them

dewalt dual tank…stick with oil running units…they last longer.

if your running a nail gun these small units are fine but if you are going to run any type of air tool like a paint gun or any other hand tool like that youll need a huge compressor and tank….like one of those bolt in units

djsyphon2003 asked looking to find a quiet 4gal pancake compressor and round head framing nailer?

Just tired of my loud rigid twin stack compressor and hitachi nailer… would like to find a much quieter version for both.. cant seem to find a decible rating on any of the tool sites…

And got the following answer:

put a peice of plywood against your compresssor on the side facing you you”ll be amazed as far as quiet compressors you”ll have to go with a 220v 10 gal before they start getting quiet, I dont know of any quiet nailers have you considered a career as a librarian

emale2 asked Have you ever used the airless framing or finish nailing guns and if so how did you like them?

thinking about buying one the pros’s and cons,would you recommend one yes or no ,why or why not.any answer welcome thank you for your answers.

And got the following answer:

I have 3 Paslode guns(battery power with butane cartridge). The angled finish and brad finish guns are great and I wouldn’t go back to a compressor and hose for anything. I highly recommend them.

The Paslode framer is nice for small projects, but is a bit particular when toe-nailing. Can’t rapid-fire with it either. I use my Hitachi for larger framing projects. I would say ask at a home center to play with this one before purchasing.

You do have to buy Paslodes nails for framer and angled trim. Brad nailer will take Porter-cable nails. Cartridges last quite a while. Batteries take a couple hours to charge. I looked at DeWalt’s guns and they were heavier than these. I’m happy with all of them. Hope that helps.

alphapoet asked What’s the difference between a Brad Nailer and a Finishing Nailer?

I am learning how to work with wood and different projects call for these nailers and I’m not sure what the real difference is. I even saw a kit at Costcos with both and a Floor Nailer (I know what that one is for).

I need to do some moldings and I think I need a Frame nailer for that.

Any help is appreciated. If you can, include some practical usages for each type of nailer.


And got the following answer:

while i thought some of the other answers were good or o.k., they might be just a little vague. i think that how you would use each of these tools would go further in answering your question. to start with, the brad nailer; i would use this to build a picture frame, or other small nailing project, requireing nails 1″ or less. with the finish nailer; if i were putting up window and door trim, chair rails, or floor trim, this would be the gun that you would use for that. a framing gun; if you are going to build walls, apply plywood, or exterior trim in certain applications, this would be the use for it. now as far as what type of tool to buy; if your use is for a hobby, then the less expensive combination kits should be fine for that. the same with the finish nailer, for just use on your own home project. just make sure that the nails for the guns are readily available for when you need more. you won’t want to have to run around or have to order them when you need them. now if you are planning to make your living with these tools; i would suggest that you check out a home improvement store, or tool supply house, for a better quality tool. then buy the best the best that you can afford so that you’ll be able to depend on it. this would be espessialy true with a framing gun. if this is the case for you, i would reccomend hitachi air tools, i use those for the tools that i need to depend on in my line of work. my finish nailer is a mid grade quality tool, and the brad nailer is basicly just for around my own house. as far as the compressor goes; once again buy the best that you can afford since it will be running all of your air tools and be used all of the time. here again, i bought a hitachi. i would advise you to avoid the dewalt compressor though, they seem to be having a lot of trouble lately, since they were bought out by black and decker. well i guess this turned into a pretty long answer, but i hope that it helps you out and good luck.

sailor asked What is the best pneumatic framing nail gun?

I was just at Home Depot searching for a framing nail gun. It will be used for home use, not a business. I like the Paslode, gas cartridge/battery operated but it is spendy and I’ve heard the #1 nailer that is returned with problems, mainly not being cleaned as instructions say to do. I looked at Bostitch, Porter Cable, and several others but just not sure what is the best middle of the road nailer and that will work reliably.

And got the following answer:

i own a Hitachi (full headed nail model), metal body framing gun and love it. i also own the Hitachi roofing nail gun. i do home improvement for a living, and guys that i have worked with have switched to Hitachi after working with me and my guns. one guy used to use bostich, but switched, the other used senco guns. also, the Hitachi’s continue to fire and set nails when the others don’t, when the air pressure runs low. as far as the paslode, nails cost more for those, and then you need the fuel cells, too, if you have a compressor, i’d go for an air nailer. if Hitachi’s are too pricey for your budget, i’d suggest that you look at the new Milwaukee guns, i know that they are priced affordably, and if they are anything like their power tools, will be well built. another thing to consider is repairs, check your local yellow pages for air tool repair shops, and see what brands they fix, just in case. squirt the tool with a few drops of air tool oil before you start to use them for the day, and again after lunch if it’s humid and you shouldn’t have any trouble whichever tool you buy. good luck, hope this helps.

Heidiva asked My first collection of power tools: What should I buy?

I want to be “handy” around the house–I live in the country, by the way, in the rural mountains, and I have to do a lot of thing around here myself. What is the definitive list of tools that I should get to start my collection? Preferably, I would have a short list and a long list.

What I think I should have/want is the following:
skill saw
draw knife
nail gun
staple gun

Any brand suggestions/warnings?


And got the following answer:

What I think I should have/want is the following:

drill: 3/8″ chuck, not Dewalt or Black and Decker, Battery operated, two batteries, 18 volt, Lithium Ion or better. Get a complete set of screwdriver bits as well as a complete set of drill bits. Don’t put pressure on small drill bits, they will break easily.

I would recommend either Bosch, my favorite, or Makita.

skill saw That is Skil Saw, and they are dangerous. Don’t get a cheap one, but you don’t need the very best. They are available with battery, but get a combination blade, which will come on it, and a plywood blade which will cut down on splitting on the plywood when you use it. If you are cutting plywood, measure, put a piece of masking taple on the wood, measure again, use a T square (a sheet rock tool mostly), and cut the wood. After cutting the wood, take off the tape from both sides. I would get the same brand that I recommended for the drill and make sure that the batteries are interchangable. You can buy kits with all that in it.

sander This depends on what you intend to do. They come in 1/4 sheet and 1/2 sheet size for the rectangular. I like half sheet size, but I am bigger than you are. They are also available with circular sheets, and depending on what you plan to do, get the size you want. I suggest the ones with hook and loop. Again, I would suggest that you get Bosch or Makita.

Dremmel Do you really need one?

draw knife You don’t need one

nail gun You can get a battery operated finish nailer for 18 gauge nails and unless you are framing a house, you don’t need one bigger. They make them that will take up to three inch finishing nails. Bosch and Makita don’t make them. Paslode is a good brand.
staple gun You could probably use the nail gun for that, don’t waste your money.

hammers Get one that feels good to you. Light weight hammers don’t do much, I would suggest 14 ounce to 18 ounce, with claws. Don’t get one with a cleated head for framing

Bosch, in my estimation, mades the finest tools. All are ball bearing and do not have nylon bushings like the cheaper brands. I have dropped my drill from a 30 foot ladder and gone down and got it and it still works. Of the other brands, I would dodge Dewalt (which both Home Depot and Lowes will shove in your face), but they are cheaply made. Hitachi is good, Makita is good. Porter Cable and Delta tools are made by Dewalt now.

Never buy brands you have not heard of. Don’t buy Ryobi, GNC, or anything like those.

The only other tool that I would recommend is a Bosch Scroll Saw, or hand Jig Saw. They are more expensive, but again, they don’t break. They have an older model, which I can’t remember the number, and a brand new model where the blade just pops out when you switch a lever, I would recommend eithe rof those, I have one of each.

Now for the safety lesson: Watch out for cords, use safety glasses, watch yourself with the nail gun, and don’t let a sander sit in one place to long while you are sanding.