How Can You Help? Wish List From Local Nonprofit Organizations, July 6

Drummond: Gun violence prevention program targets women –

Foundation of Lifes ultimate mission is to empower by developing assets of healthy living, healthy families, and delaying subsequent teen pregnancies. Foundations of Life is located at 835 Wisconsin Ave., Racine, WI 53403. More information about Foundations of Life is available At this time we could greatly benefit from gift cards that would be offered to teen parents as empowerment incentives. Gift cards are given upon accumulation of points for school attendance, group session attendance with other teen parents, goal planning achievement, doctor visits and follow-up for teen and baby and other various activities and participation. Gift cards: McDonalds Other stores and restaurants For more information, contact Executive Director Tessa Brown at the phone number listed above or via email at: [email protected] A&S Unlimited Solutions A&S Unlimited Solutions is committed to providing quality social service programs that will encourage, motivate and create positive change within the challenging lives of children and young adults. Strollers Pots and pans Dishes Donations may be dropped off at 2711 19th St., Racine. For more information, contact Dianne Howard at 262-636-2002 or [email protected] Racine Arts Council LINK Since 1997 the Racine Arts Council has been offering the Lonely Instruments Need Kids program (LINK) to support the young people of our community and school music programs throughout Racine County by providing musical instruments to elementary and middle school children who are financially unable to purchase or rent an instrument of their own.
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Residents recall Wallingford’s history of fireworks manufacturing – and the accidents that came with it

This is one small community-based program. It would be foolish to suggest that it could stop all gun homicides. The goal is to help change behavior that helps reduce gun homicides over time.
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Big game dispute

It has a problem with a slingshot that can shoot arrows when it comes to hunting big game. After some initial legal and legislative jabs from Huffer, the DNR did relent somewhat and say you can hunt small game and fish with the Huffer-developed weapon he calls a sling bow. But the DNR still won’t allow sling bow arrow hunting for big game, such as deer and turkey. Now the Tuscola-based Huffer, an American Indian, has left fly with a $5 million federal lawsuit accusing DNR director Marc Miller and his department of racial discrimination.
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Beech Pointe Senior Apartments

In a follow-up story on April 4, 1956, the Morning Record reported that the cause of fire was a metal scraper being used by a worker. The scraper came into contact with a nail, which caused a spark that likely touched off the roaring blaze, the article states. Clifford Backes told the newspaper that while the disaster caused $100,000 in damage, he planned to rebuild. March 1959 An explosion flattened a loading shed at the Backes companys Yalesville factory, killing Juan Merced, who according to the March 17, 1959 edition of the Morning Record, was hurled 30 feet by the blast. Two other employees were injured by the explosion. According to a neighbors account, the explosion sounded like the overhead doors of her attached garage were rolled up, slammed shut again and then blown in all within the space of several seconds. Those at the scene of the explosion said there were two split-second shocks culminating in a resounding concussion when the entire supply of small charge powder housed in the shed blew up. Clifford Backes told the Morning Record that the accident was an awful thing. I dont know what we can do about it, he said. We have taken every possible precaution to avoid this sort of thing. October 1959 A fire in the early morning hours of Oct.
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