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Industry’s Best Pneumatic Framing Nailers by Mallory Kramer

For many craftsmen, a pneumatic framing nailer is one of the greatest tools in the world. Making quick work of jobs that can take what feels like forever, and doing it with professional strength and precision, these nailers are an irreplaceable asset. If you’re in the market for one of the best framing nailers in the pneumatic world, well, you’re in luck. The following is a compiled, compacted set of reviews of the best framing nailers, and their prices, on the market today.

Hitachi’s NR83A2 framing nailer is one of the most high-quality, high-performance pneumatic framers on the market today. Weighing only 7.9 lbs the tool is clearly lightweight and the tool is extremely well balanced for the most comfortable operation and maneuverability. The framer has a tool-less depth adjustment allowing craftsmen to choose their depth of drive, and with an open nose design, extracting a jammed nail is hardly a hassle. The framer also features selective actuation, a favorite feature of most users, which allow craftsmen to simply transition from single actuation to contact actuation for the greatest versatility through a variety of applications. The tool is strong, fast, and versatile, and because it’s also so lightweight and well-balanced, continuous work and awkward applications are far less strenuous. Ultimately, the NR83A2 is a seriously tough framer built for durability on the jobsite and for reliability through the most heavy-duty applications. Lastly,pricing from about 0 – 0, Hitachi’s framer is a bit spendy, but is worth every penny. (Note: This tool is also available as a sequential trigger gun (NR83A2S) for just about 0.)

On another hand, Porter-Cable’s FR350A 3-1/2″ roundhead framing nailer is one of the more heavy-duty pneumatic framing tools on the market today. With the power to drive nails up to 3-1/2″ x 131″ into engineered lumber, the tool has intense power. The framer’s compact body design contributes to its well-balance and overall smooth style while an internal piston catch mechanism ensures each shot is consistently powerful. A selectable trigger transitions modes between restrictive or contact actuation mode, and with a tool-free adjustable depth-of-drive, craftsmen have complete control over the tool’s performance. The tool is simple to reload, and a nail lockout mechanism alerts you when its time to reload your tool. Keeping your materials protected during work, the framer also has a (tool-free, adjustable) exhaust and a (removable) non-marring nose tip, and also having on-tool storage, the FR350AR is endlessly convenient. Ranging in price from about 0 – 0, the framer is abrilliant tool at a certainly reasonable price.

The FR350A is also available reconditioned (FR350AR) for just about 0. As a reconditioned tool, this nailer presents a truly superior value to craftsmen and builders. For those unfamiliar with recons, they are an extremely great value that bring craftsmen the highest-performance tools at a tiny fraction of regular cost. Reconditioned tools, for some minor cosmetic or technical defect, have been returned to the manufacturer. There, they undergo a series of stringent tests and retests and restoration processes before being re-released with an “R” trailing the model number. This little “R” (and potentially hundreds of dollars) is truly the only difference between a brand new tool and a recon. The value with reconditioned tools is a no-brainer; when they are available, buy them.

Like Hitachi and Porter-Cable, Senco is known for building some of the best pneumatic tools and nailers in the industry. With well-seasoned experience and superior craftsmanship, Senco is an steadfast contender in the world of pneumatics. Pricing from about 0 – 0, their SN902XP framing nailer is a brilliant and saucy little tool with 904 in/lbs of power in a compact, 7.3 lb package. This round head framer is also built with a innovated design that requires up to fifteen-percent less air than other comparable models, and still having the power to drive 2 – 3-1/4″ (round head plastic collated) framing nails with fast efficiency, the nailer perfectly unites precision power and lightweight convenience. The nailer also drives 2″-3-1/2″ smooth shank nails and 2″-3″ ring shank nails. The tool’s compact design also contributes to its ability to work in tight spaces in between studs and joists, and its overall balance and ease of operation. Additionally, the gun is easy to transition from rapid fire to sequential fire and is simple to load and unload for optimal convenience on the job. The SN902XP is ideal for a huge number of applications from framing, fencing and subfloors, to trusses and decking. It additionally has a patented TrueDrive magazine to prevent jamming and an adjustable depth of drive for unfailing precision with every shot. Like the above Porter-Cable nailer, Senco’s SN902XP is also available reconditioned (if you can find it) for about 0.

In the end and whatever your needs may be, one of these nailers is certain to be an ideal framer. With big power, acute precision, and the accountability of a time-honored manufacturer, these pneumatic framing nailers are the best of the best.

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Nail Gun Safety Video News:

Nail Gun Safety – YouTube

This video provides useful safety tips for working with nail guns.

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Video: Nail Gun Safety | eHow – eHow | How to Videos, Articles …

Learn nail gun safety tips from a power tools expert in this free DIY video.

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Nail Gun Safety

• Never bypass or disable nail gun safety features. … Nail gun video materials. WorkSafe British Columbia—Nail Gun Safety, and Safe Handling of Nail Guns

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How can you help? Wish list from nonprofit organizations, June 30

Following is a wish list of items and volunteer opportunities from nonprofit organizations in Racine County. They were provided by local nonprofit organizations.

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Video: Nail Gun Safety | eHow – eHow | How to Videos, Articles …

Learn nail gun safety tips from a power tools expert in this free DIY video.

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nail gun safety

Nail Gun Safety Nail guns are tools that can be very hand for carpentry because they allow you to drive the nails into the materials very quickly. Most busin…

maybe a little asked Have you ever seen krav maga in practice?

I hear about how awesome it is, but I’ve been unable to find even a paragraph on it actually being used. Video would be nice. (please don’t tell me about their amazing demonstrations, plenty of that going on.)

And got the following answer:

I sure have.

Spend a little bit of time in Israel, or even look on youtube. (Currently at work right now can’t go there). But type in IDF hand to hand.

I have seen Krav Maga first hand on a few times, several occassions in Israel, when things were at their worst with the Suicide bombings.

I have used Krav, and have seen one of my Krav instructors defending himself at a bar, though in all honesty what he did wasn’t so much Krav, as he was much gentler with the drunk idiot than he was capable of. but he did use the principles of attacking with the block to put the guy down… then he went old school rear naked.

Look, Krav is great in a given context like anything else. And like anything else it is only great when trained properly. Real Krav Maga has a lot of sparring and non compliant drills. When trying to defend from a stabbing, the person on the other end is truly trying to stab you.

When we worked gun disarms we did so with paintball masks and airsoft guns. We also did work with Simunitions. Meaning person holding gun was going to react when you did in an attempt to shoot you. Trust me, you get stabbed and shot way more then you successfully disarm.

The point is, if you are just miming things, hitting dummies, or doing drills on a compliant partner (i.e. he attempts to stab at you with an overhead stab and icepick grip, swinging at you at half speed) then you aren’t training.

When going against multiple attackers, your multiple attackers are completely geared up, so that you can blast them as hard as you can to get free.

We used headgear, modified safety equipment to practice every thing we learned against the other person truly trying to beat you.

A ton of what you see America wise is stuff designed to look good or brutal, but without the actual training to make it applicable. You are having housewives eye gouging BOBs, punching bags, or even a geared up training partner taking nut shots and being a live punching bag.

That isn’t going to make it useful. You won’t learn timing, spacing, accuracy, or the openings for techniques this way. You won’t learn how a human body reacts to it. For every eye gouge or nut kick, we went off the assumption that the target was merely distracted or completely unphased and continued with a relentless attack. It wasn’t scripted, it wasn’t coordinated.. (i.e. kick to balls, then 3 straight elbows to the head).

Most of what you see in these demos are people using the same defense and counter attack, this isn’t really the way Krav is supposed to be or work. It is a commercialized garbage version.

That isn’t to say these people don’t learn something, they do and they are better for it. Also there are some great guys in America, and great schools. Just saying it is easy to recognize good Krav because it’s training looks like the most unfun asskicking a person can take. Housewives would rarely stick around a real Krav place where they are taking punches to face. Where they are spinning around 100 times then trying to fight someone full contact to simulate that rocked feeling you get when you get hit hard or are blind sided.

Krav Maga is great when trained properly. Guess what, so is ANY MARTIAL ART.

Martial Arts get watered down when they cater to the fast food crowd who wants to learn how to be deadly or a better fighter, but doesn’t want to put in hours upon hours of truly training and sparring.

They are all about a workout, will sweat their butts off, stand in rigid forms for hours, anything but what actually matters… getting hit in the face, and hitting someone else with bad intentions.

You don’t get better at hammering nails by holding a hammer and miming hitting nails in the air.

No matter how good your swing is in golf, if you never hit a golf ball it will never get to where it truly is.

No matter how many times you swing a baseball bat in the air, it doesn’t help you actually hit a fastball.

I have no idea why people think there is some shortcut to fighting, like very other single physical act, you only get better at it by actually doing it.

Paris Rose asked Dreamed of someone shooting at me?

I just woke up a little scared. The dream began with me heading toward a garage that was make believe in the dream to be mine. Across the pavement was a guy in a car trying to “holla” at me. He looked like somewhere between Latin/middle eastern/Hawaiian exotic type who was a “gangster”. He said, “Hey girl, come here”, motioning for me to give him my number and I said “no”. Then I turned back to open my garage door and when I looked back to see him, he was holding a long ROTC type shooting gun and aiming it at me. I ran inside the garage, trying to hold the door closed while the gun shots were nailing at the door, close to my body. He ran out of my amino so I jumped out quickly and ran into the house door. He got out of his car, ran behind me shooting his gun while I quickly closed the door. I went to get my dad to safety, locking him in this basement multi-car garage thing in the house. When I turned back around to stand up, the gangster was holding a gun to my forehead and that’s when I woke up.

What does it mean?
Edit: I haven’t played video games in like a year or two.

And got the following answer:

Too many video games .


its not anything related to school its a bet on who can get the most information 50 points

And got the following answer:

The story is told from the perspective of Noah Underwood, a boy in his early teens, born and raised in the Florida Keys. Noah’s father, Paine, a passionate environmentalist, has been arrested for sinking the Coral Queen, a casino boat operated by “Dusty” Muleman. Paine is openly proud of what he’s done, and seems unworried by the legal consequences. His wife Donna, however, is furious. Paine has been arrested twice before and she’s getting fed up with it.

Paine believes Dusty Muleman has been dumping sewage from the boat’s holding tank into the ocean at night. However, Noah and his younger sister Abbey visit the marina, and see that the Coral Queen will be re-floated and back in action by the end of the week. Paine’s act of protest has come to nothing.

Paine’s backup plan is to get a witness statement from “Lice” Peeking, a former mate on the Coral Queen. Lice wants money for his help, but his girlfriend Shelly (Dusty’s ex-fiancée) offers to help Noah.

Meanwhile, Paine is making the most of his arrest and giving interviews to the newspapers and television stations. Noah and his younger sister Abbey both become worried when they hear their mother start talking about filing for divorce.

On their own, Noah and Abbey sneak down to the marina and discover signs that Paine is right: the sewer tank mounted next to the Coral Queen into which Dusty is supposed to be pumping his sewage is a rusty fake.

Shelly informs Noah that Lice has disappeared, and she is afraid that Dusty had him murdered. She then surprises Noah by telling him she’s taken back her old job as a bartender on the boat, to help Noah and Paine nail Dusty.

Things come to a head when Paine escapes from jail after Dusty files for a gag order, preventing Paine from saying anything bad about Dusty in public. Donna insists that Paine accept Dusty’s offer to drop the charges if Paine keeps his mouth shut and pays Dusty back for the damage. Paine still doesn’t seem to understand how mad his wife is, until Noah tells him about “the d-word.”

To try and help her father, Abbey sneaks down to the marina with the family’s video camera, and films the crew dumping into the water from a tuna tower. The video, however, is too unclear to be useful. Paine, shaken that his daughter has risked her safety to prove him right, vows to forget about Dusty and get their lives back to normal.

But the next day, Noah and Abbey meet Shelly on the beach, and all three of them see the beach closed because of floating sewage. Shelly confides that one of Dusty’s regular gambling customers is an employee at the Coast Guard station, who tips him off about surprise inspections.

After seeing the pollution for themselves, Noah and Abbey are both too mad to give up on nailing Dusty. Realizing the problem is that no one has ever been able to trace the sewage spills directly to the Coral Queen, Noah comes up with a plan, and they both agree to keep their parents out of it. Shelly promises to help.

On their way home from a meeting with Shelly, Noah and Abbey are ambushed by Dusty’s son, Jasper Muleman, Jr. and his buddy, “Bull.” Jasper Jr. is about to choke Noah dead, when a strange, tough old man with the look of a pirate appears and orders the bullies to let them go.

Noah’s plan, christened “Operation Royal Flush,” is to have Shelly flush food coloring down the Coral Queen’s toilets, dyeing the sewage and marking a trail in the water when it gets dumped. But Shelly points out that there is too much dye for one person to squeeze out in a short time, and Noah decides to sneak onboard with half the dye and flush it from a different toilet.

The plan goes off nearly perfectly, with Abbey manning a getaway boat. But just as they are escaping the marina, their engine stalls, and they are found by Dusty’s security guards. One of them points a gun at the kids, but they are saved again by the appearance of the strange old pirate.

Noah and Abbey’s elation fades when the engine breaks down completely, and the current carries them away from shore. They are forced to spend the night at sea, getting more scared as time passes. In the morning, they are still stuck in the middle of the ocean without food, water, or shade. Abbey also realizes that their plan has fizzled, since they can’t call the Coast Guard about the pollution stain.

They are both ecstatic when Paine’s boat appears, but stunned to see him accompanied not by Donna, but by the old pirate. Paine introduces him as their long-lost Grandpa Bobby.

Back at the house, Noah calls the Coast Guard, and then the newspaper. Grandpa Bobby tells his story: some people offered him a job smuggling emeralds from South America, but later double-crossed him, tried to kill him, and stole his beloved fishing boat. Ever since then, he’s been trying to track them down and get back his boat. It hurt to think that everyone thought he was dead, but it was necessary. First, he didn’t want the guys he was looking for to know h

Vaseline asked Is it safe to use a nail gun in cement walls and ceilings?

My father has been using a really loud and strong nail gun to mount stuff in our new place that has cement walls.
I did some research and found that you should drill a hole and do a bunch of other stuff as safety precautions. The website i found said that if there was an earthquake, the walls would crumble if you used a nail straight into cement. Is this true?
I live in an area where we dont even have earthquakes often at all, which is Southern Ontario, Canada, but im still a little concerned because we had one last summer. Also, We live on the 10th floor, so if an earthquake does happen, it would shake a lot more up here.
He also has been mounting stuff on the cement ceiling as well.
Should I be concerned?

And got the following answer:

No. Always drill into cement or concrete.

Drilling makes a cleaner hole without cracks. When you crack cement, water and get in and when it freezes and melts it expands and contracts, further cracking the cement and allowing more water in. Salts in the water and also dissolve chalk in the cement and water can rust the re-bar if it gets to them.

If you think about it, a drill uses a screw to pull material out of the wall. A nail merely pushes it out of the way. Since cement isn’t that flexible, it tends to crack when expanding or deforming.

A drill hole also makes a more secure anchoring point, since you don’t have cracks around it and the spiral hole gives more grip on bolts you wish to put in it.

There are lots of “how to” videos on this, but use a concrete bit and use liberal amounts of water on the bit. This both cool the bit and helps dampen the vibration caused by the drilling.

asked Did anyone see the end of Wolf Creek?

It took the movie to long to get to the point so I walked out the theater, during the part where the two girls were trying to get away. How did it end?

And got the following answer:

Two British tourists, Liz Hunter (Magrath) and Kristy Earl (Morassi), meet with an Australian man, Ben Mitchell (Phillips), with whom they decide to spend their holiday. The young trio plans to drive to Wolf Creek, a large crater formed by a 50,000-kg meteorite, and explore the area. They reach the crater. Ben and Liz kiss at a moment when they are alone.

Upon returning to their car after hiking down to the crater, they realise that the engine will not start due no starter-motor and they are stranded miles from civilisation. Later that night, the group is relieved to spot a vehicle approaching, driven by a “Crocodile Dundee”-like man named Mick Taylor (Jarratt), who is willing to help with their car troubles. He offers to tow them to his camp and to fix their car for free. Since the travellers are low on money, they agree.

Mick drives them a great distance to his camp, an abandoned mining site; they start to become suspicious of him but decide to trust him. At the camp he tells them stories of his former jobs (he currently makes a living as a hunter of wild boar) and entertains the group into a false sense of security. He offers them water drugged with an unknown substance that causes them to lose consciousness.

Liz awakens to find herself tied up in a shed. She manages to escape and discovers Mick torturing Kristy. She shoots Mick with one of his own guns and escapes from the camp with Kristy in one of Mick’s vehicles. However, Liz’s shot has not killed Mick and he follows the pair. They fake a car crash and creep back to Mick’s camp with the intention of obtaining another vehicle; Liz leaves the hysterical Kristy outside the gates of the camp, telling Kristy to escape on foot if she does not return in a short time.

Liz enters a garage and discovers Mick’s large stock of cars as well as an organised array of traveller’s possessions, including video cameras. Liz watches a film from a camera and is horrified to see Mick “rescuing” other stranded travellers at Wolf Creek, in almost identical circumstances as she and her companions had experienced. All of this suggests Mick has tricked many others using a similar ruse to that practiced on the trio. She gets into a car – not knowing that Mick is in the back seat. He chuckles in a sinister way and stabs her through the driver’s chair with a huge knife. A seriously injured Liz falls out of the car. Mick severs some of her fingers, cuts her in the spine and tortures her to reveal the location of Kristy. Liz does not reappear in the film.

Kristy flees the camp area on foot and reaches a road where a motorist stops to give her aid. Mick shoots the motorist dead from a long distance. Kristy attempts to escape in the motorist’s car but Mick soon catches up with her and runs her off the road. He then fires his rifle into her torso and moves closer to finish her off with a shot to the head before putting her body in the trunk of his vehicle and setting fire to the evidence left behind.

Ben awakens, nailed to a crossbeam, in an abandoned mine with savage dogs and decaying crucified corpses. After painfully extracting himself from his bonds he too escapes and reaches a road where he is rescued by two Swedish motorists and taken to safety. The final scene of the film reports, in mockumentary style, that Mick was never brought to justice; instead, Ben was accused of the murder of the two girls, but acquitted.

Just before the end credits, you can see Mick walking towards the horizon in the sunset, with rifle in hand.

libra1313 asked Can you fire nails uninterruptedly using electrical nail gun?

I saw a video where a guy was firing nail using electrical nail gun towards the board and by firing nails he drew a portrait of Mona Liza. As far as I know, all electrical guns are equipped with safety devices and only be fired upon when in contact with the surface.
Is it possible to fire uninterruptedly nails from any electrical nail gun.?

And got the following answer:

You can bypass the safety devices on anything if you’re dumb enough to want to…

Kathryn asked What are some good themes for babysitting nights?

I am doing babysitting nights at the childcare center that I work at 2 Friday’s a month and I need themes for them, well ideas. Such as a “Girls Night Out” all girls, hair, makeup etc… , “Boys Night Out” , video games, sports, etc…. , Pj/Movie Night” where the kids where pjs and do the movie thing…. i need like 12-20 different ideas please 🙂 help. Thank you!!

And got the following answer:

My friend’s mom owns a home daycare and we used to do parent’s night out sleepovers at our house for the daycare kids all the time (co-ed, ages 4-11) here are some activities the kids loved to do:

1. The Scary Monster game-
It’s like hide and seek in the dark (no lights once the search is on), but
A. only 1-3 people (if they don’t want to hide alone) hide together in the house
B. everyone else is in a safety area (or no hide zone) that they cannot see where they are hiding; preferably its in a room that has a door or something to give hiders privacy (we used the garage)
C. the hiders can keep the lights on until they are ready to hide (the safety area light goes off when you are ready to seek)
D. they have 1 or 2 minutes to find a spot
E. if in groups they need to stay close together or in the same area
F. and if someone gets close to them (even if they didn’t spot them) they can jump out and start to chase and tag people back to the safety area where everyone counted
G. the tag doesn’t count if someone is in the safety area
H. if they don’t catch anyone (or pick some one who had a lot of turns) they can have another turn (max 2 turns per person or group) or you can assign a new person/group to hide
*they all loved this game! even the kids who were afraid of the dark (this may be a better idea to try on the boys first)

2. Dance party- we would put age appropriate dance music (like high school musical/ disney/Nickelodeon songs) with a strobe light or black light and the girls (even some of the boys) loved to dance- just make sure they have enough room and aren’t doing anything inappropriate or that would hurt someone else.

3. Glow In The Dark Laser Tag- this requires a special laser tag toys, that usually comes with about 4 (2 for each team) chest plates and laser guns (or “laser pointers” if you don’t wanna say guns)

4. Charades- make kids act out different things with no sound (themes: animals, movies, celebrities) everyone participates in guessing and they all have 1 or 2 minutes to guess.

5. Win, Lose, or Draw (Pictionary/ Hang man) you can let kids pick a paper out of a hat and they have to try to draw it, have kids in 2 or 3 teams with a white board/chalk board and they cannot say anything or use letters or numbers unless someone who is guessing says a key word but still needs to figure out the rest. one drawer for each group at a time (they have about 3 minutes per round)

6. Scene it- you can either get a special scene it disney/Nickelodeon theme or you can make your own. have kids in 2 or 3 groups and ask them who is the actor/actress, what is the show/movie/book, who was this (the 1’s, 15th, current, etc.) president? or what animal/mythical creature is this. (each team has one minute to guess, one team at a time if the 1st team doesn’t get it than its the next team’s answer) It can be fun and educational!

7. clay charades- same rules as pictionary or normal charades with play dough or clay (about 3 minutes per round)

8. Paperdoll make over- The girls can have a make-over contest you will draw a silhouette of a person (a girl and/ or a guy, can have facial feature or no facial features but no clothing outline, just a body shape from head to toe, or even only a blank head silhouette and they can have a girl makeover round and a boy makeover round) and copy/xerox it, and each girl will get to make over those people (crayons/markers, ribbon’s, pipe cleaner whatever you have) and every one will vote for the best
one (u cannot vote for yours and you only vote once, its anonymous done with letters or numbers, and they cannot tell anyone their number/letter)

9. Nail Salon- have girls trace their hands on paper (or you can just trace your hand and xerox it) and they get to design it how ever they want.

10. Ab-libs/Madlibs- look up some age appropriate ab libs (stories where you fill in the blanks) online and have the kids fill in the blanks – it may need an animal, noun, verb, body part but let them know they must make it appropriate (no Private parts, bad words, or anything like that allowed- chest, butt/bum, and groin may be ok depending on age- probably not if anyone there is anyone younger than 6) or they will not get to participate in the game; if too many kids break this rule than skip it.

11. Brown Paper Bag Puppet Theater (or dress up theater if you have costumes)- let them decorate a brown paper bag puppet (or they can dress up) and give them a short kid friendly script to act out

12. Telephone- everyone forms a circle and the starter will whisper a random or simple sentence to someone next to you, they will whisper it to the next person and so on, and the last person will say it out loud and it may or may not be what you said at 1st- this is a great way to teach school age girls about rumors and how they can start off as true and then change from person to person.

Garbodor asked Is it possible to use a nailgun as a weapon?

I am in the midst of writing a short story (or a possible novella if I decide to lengthen it) about students trapped in a high school. Without delving too much into the plot, the students need to use objects found in the school in order to defend themselves. The climax involves luring the main villians and the antagonist into the cafeteria where a battleground has been set up that gives the heroes a distinct advantage, although the villians have better weapons. I have been thinking about giving a hero or two a ranged weapon, and what crossed my mind was a few nailguns that they got from the construction room when looking for tools to use.
I’ve done some research, and the results are varied. Because I’ve never used a nailgun before, it’s difficult to understand exactly how effective they’d be. From what I’ve read, there may be a variety of problems.
1. They have a safety feature that only allows them to fire when held directly against material. Could this be bypassed with a strip of duct tape? Maybe a wooden attachment with a hole in it so the nails fly right through the air instead of into the wood? Is there an easy way to modify the nailgun to prevent this safety feature from taking effect?
2. The range is low. I’ve heard the nails lose velocity needed to penetrate skin at somewhere between 5 and 30 feet, or something like that. Is this right? I wouldn’t know. How far could one fire the nails and cause considerable damage?
3. I’m confused about what exactly powers most nailguns. People have said that they’re electric, others have said they use condensed air tanks. Which are more common? Do they both exist? Which would be more effective?

Thanks. Also, if there are any more details that you care to share that would help me, I’d greatly appreciate it.
Oh, and if you’re wondering why it’s in the Home and Garden – DIY section, it’s because I assumed more people would have used a nailgun if offering advice in this section. I need a first hand user of a nailgun in order to be sure of my research.

And got the following answer:

Mythbusters did a segment on this; a nail gun doesn’t have the penetrating power to be an effective lethal weapon, unless it’s held directly against someone’s body.

Nail guns can be either electric or pneumatic; both would have the same limitations as a weapon.