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A nail gun, nailgun or nailer is a type of tool used to drive nails into wood or some other kind of material. It is usually driven by electromagnetism, compressed air …

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Nail Gun, Nail Gun Products, Nail Gun Manufacturers, Nail Gun …

Nail Gun, Find Quality Nail Gun Products, Nail Gun Manufacturers, Nail Gun Suppliers and Exporters at Sourcing Other Other Power Tools, Pneumatic Tools …

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How to Use a Cordless Nailer : What Type of Nails to Use for a Cordless Nailer

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gc27858 asked What type of pneumatic nailer and air compressor do I use to install crown molding?

I am putting up crown molding and I want to use a nail gun. I also want to get an air compressor that is not too cheap that I can put in my work shop for future projects. I may do some roofing in the future. What type of air compressor should I get? What type of nail gun for the crown molding? I am on a budget. So I don’t want to spend any more than I have to.

And got the following answer:

A small kit cost about $ 200.00 Can, the brad nailer is good enough for crown just use a little liqud nails the brads will hold the crown in place, the nailer should take up to 1.3/4 nails anyway

ty asked What type of nail gun should I buy to replace the boards in my wooden fence?

Some kids are constantly breaking the wooden boards (about 6 feet tall and an inch or so thick) of our fence. It’s ongoing and we are constantly replacing the boards. We’d like to purchase a nail gun (hopefully inexpensive) that is versatile enough for this and light use around the house (i.e. putting up crown molding)

Also, we’ve seen combo staple/nail guns on-line. Is it possible that this type of gun could be used to fix the fence?

Overall, what type of nail gun should I purchase and about how much is it going to cost?


And got the following answer:

Sorry to hear about the vandals. might try a remote web cam. See links below. They’ve come down substantially in price and with the type of activity you describe, would pay for themselves rather quickly.

Jason and max are right. Screws are your best bet for fencing. Especially if you are constantly replacing the boards. Use brass torx drive screws and you will be able to reuse them a bunch w/o stripping them out. Perfect for your situation. Nails in fences tend to work their way out. Same reason you would use screws for decking instead of nails.

If you want a gun for putting up crown, the coolest new tool is the headless pin nailer. See the third link.

Sean Thompson asked What sort of nail gun and size of nail do I want if I am repairing a fence or building a deck?

I have never used a nail gun and am uncertain of what type I would get the most use out of. I see that there are different size nails, depending on whether one is using a finishing nail gun or a framing nail gun. I am assuming I would need a framing nail gun, using at least 2″ nails, but am not certain.

And got the following answer:

get a battery operated drill and use screws instead. you will be better off.

Chikees asked What kind and size nail gun is the right one to use for building insulated dog houses?

I want to buy a nail gun to build my own dog houses and went online to check out how much they were when I found out that there is quite a few different brands, types, and size nail guns. Boy was I surprised. I will need the nail to go through a 2×4 and plywood as well as siding. Thanks in advance

And got the following answer:

You will need a framing nailer, which will work for building the 2×4 frame as well as nailing on the plywood for the walls and roof. Use 16d nails for the framing and 8d nails for the sheathing. As for siding, what are you using? If you’re using plywood siding, you can use the same gun. If vinyl, you will want to hand nail. Vinyl needs to be able to expand and contract, and if you nail it tight it will buckle. Hope this helps.

f4.ltz400 asked can i get some advice on nail guns?

i am looking to get me a nail gun. i would like to use it for framing and also wall trim. when i went to the home depot today there were at least 50 styles. i dont want to buy one and its only good for one type of work, i need one for multiple applications. any advice would be great! i know NOTHING about them.

And got the following answer:

Unfortunately, nail-guns don’t come in a ‘one size fits all’ category. As others have posted, they are application specific.

Before you put down your hard earned money on one, think about what you are most likely to use it for. In my case, while I would like to have a framing nailer, my house is built and don’t see needing to build anything so big in the immediate future that I couldn’t nail by hand. Even finishing my basement, framing up a storage shed & adding on to my mom’s house was do-able by hand.

On the other hand, in ‘sprucing up’ our house, I’ve added chair rail, crown mold and other trim using a finish nailer. Having the pneumatic finish nailer has been invaluable and has paid for itself many times over.

It all comes down to what you plan to do the most with.

As for a specific brand, my Stanly-Bostich has digested a few thousand nails with no problems. Can’t say anything about the others, but my coworker has a coil-roofing nailer and framing nailer (Senco) that he has used extensively building two homes over the past four years. Also trouble free.

Best of luck – just be certain to be careful and above all else – wear eye protection.