Nail Guns Hospitalize More Construction Workers Than Any Other Injury –

Patent Issued for Driving Device for Resetting Hitting Nail Bar of Pneumatic Nail Gun

“Research has identified that the risk of a nail gun injury is twice as high when using a multishot contact trigger as when using a single-shot sequential trigger nailer,” OSHA said. “People who operate nail guns are not the only ones at risk of injury. Bystanders — most often co-workers — represent almost 12 percent of all who are injured by nail guns.” Studies show that the use of nail guns equipped with sequential triggers can reduce injuries by half, OSHA said. “If you do not work in the construction industry, and you are working on a small project, consider using a hammer,” OSHA said. “If you do use a nail gun, read the owners manual from cover to cover to understand its operation. Comply with all recommendations regarding safe work practices. Always wear protective equipment including safety glasses, ear protection and heavy work gloves.” 2013 United Press International, Inc.
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Louis Louis, a heart surgeon, said that the nail actually entered Rakows heart twice, but because of the design of the nail and a little bit of luck he was able to be saved. “The sternum acted like a 2×4 in that it caught the nail and prevented the nail from going any deeper,” Louis said. The nail was stopped just two millimeters from the coronary artery. If the nail had punctured that artery, Rakow would probably have died instantly.
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Man shot in heart when nail gun goes off: 37,000 nail gun accidents occur yearly – Hartford Top News |

Message in a bottle found after it had been at sea for 101 years.

The high-pressure air is introduced from the main air chamber into the bottom cylinder chamber to drive the hitting nail bar to move upwardly to reset. Thus, the sensing valve component is closed and the high-pressure is prevented from entering into the bottom cylinder chamber. “The present invention also provides a driving device for resetting a hitting nail bar of a pneumatic nail gun. The driving device is mounted in a gun body. The gun body has a main air chamber for high-pressure air, a trigger valve, a hitting nail bar and a bottom cylinder chamber disposed therein.
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