Oddball Festival Down A Few, But Still Comic

He delivered an anecdotal set that ranged from boyhood memories (about, among other things, the family dog that detested him) to the challenge of raising daughters in a highly sexualized culture (his imitation of a female model on an Abercrombie & Fitch billboard was memorably grotesque.) Louis veered off on a number of absurd detours, such as a Masters and Johnson disquisition on rat sex (inspired by a New York subway experience) and what motivates babies to cry on airplanes. Like most of the stand-ups on the generous seven-comic bill, Louis took some shots at Camden – his were just funnier. He considered it an “economic barometer,” for instance, that on his ride to the venue, “people just walk out into traffic.” Louis’ act was positively cerebral compared with those of the comics who preceded him.
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The Daily Confusion: Your guide to REX – The Tech

were not sure if we have time to do that right now its been three months, please can i pay you and then we get the receipt and it its like shittily done wordart 20:30iHouse Trip to Pinkberry in Boston: Meet in New House! 21:00 Game Night: Well have everything from trivia to mafia to taboo and more! 21:00MacGregor Smash for Cash and Other Games: Play SSB Melee, Mario Kart, and DDR for phat prizes. If youre old-school, then come play Settlers of Catan, Cards against Humanity, or whatever else we have.
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