Still Showing Up At Tsa Airport Security: Guns, Knives, Bear Spray, Grenades (+video) –

to no-nonsense uniformed officers of the TSA ( Transportation Security Administration ). Take off our shoes and pass through body scanners with a chance that our day might include a personal pat-down by a stranger. And above all, do not bring with you anything on the no-no list, especially anything that could be seen as a potential threat.
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Firefighters Box Cops for Charity: Local law enforcement got their proverbial asses whupped Saturday night at Austin’s inaugural Battle of the Badges – News – The Austin Chronicle

Reading the lyrics as I listen, I think of the album as the love child of Von Teese and Wood, equal parts despair and joy. It mourns the loss of Von Teese and celebrates Wood’s embrace. I occasionally look up from the lyrics, sneaking peeks at him. His eyes are closed and the long, thin fingers of his left hand touch his pale temple.
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Marilyn Manson: Return Of The Living Dead | SPIN | Cover Story

Manson in 1997 / Photo by Richard Burbridge for SPIN

Of the 16 actual bouts (Austin Police Department Senior Officer Jason Wolf won his match by default after his opponent failed to post for weigh-ins), the Austin Fire Department and a few ringers from Emergency Service Districts went 11-5 against a blue-trimmed conglomeration of officers from the APD and Travis County Sheriff’s Office. All told, the contest saw five knockouts, a series of split decisions, one much-publicized nipple slip (from a dancer escorting one boxer to the ring pre-fight), and, by my count, three potentially broken noses. The Sheriff’s Office fared worst, you could say, dropping 10 of 13 matches and the first seven of the evening. TCSO’s Mario Sotelo ended the drought with a super heavyweight knockout of the Pedernales Fire Dept.’s Justin O’Baugh, springing a three-bout run by the law enforcement officials. But an Ivan Drago-looking fellow named Damian McKeon beat APD Officer Keston Campbell on a judge’s decision, returning momentum to the firefighters, who went on to enjoy a successful evening. (Now would be a good time to note that, a few hours before the event, I drove past the Hyde Park Fire Station and spotted a firefighter standing in the driveway beating a tractor tire with a sledgehammer, something you rarely see from local on-duty cops during their moments of downtime.) In any event, both sides should have teamed up to land a right-handed roundhouse on evening emcee Chad Hays, an Arkansas-born Sean Hannity-befriended comedian who apparently emcees events like these all over God’s green country.
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