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Employees of a Corsicana, TX Walmart were shocked to find a teenage boy secretly living inside the store for several days. The teen wasn’t just hiding in the store. He built a secret hidden compound and was able to call the 24-hour store home for four days before being discovered. J.D. Miles of KTVT-TV in Dallas obtained exclusive photos of two campsites at the Walmart in Corsicana.
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Target Practice Photo Credit Thinkstock Disposable aluminum pans make great water gun targets because of the noise the water makes when it hits them. Water guns Permanent markers String or zip ties Decorate the pie plates with permanent markers, or let your children do it. With string or zip ties, hang the pans from trees, affix them to fences or otherwise display them around your yard. Hand over the water pistols, and encourage your little gunslingers to fire away!
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5. You get to command a spirit tiger Heck yes, you get to command a spirit tiger. Once inside the Shangri-La stretches of the game youre endowed with the protector of Shangri-La at your side, a white spirit tiger who will either defend you automatically, or attack those you set him upon with a simple tap of the right bumper button. If you manage to set him upon an enemy before youve been spotted, the tiger will remain in stealth mode, cloaked in a skin of active camouflage as he pads along silently to greedily maul his unsuspecting prey. If hes felled in combat hell return to your side once a short cool-down timer depletes, and when you come upon the more heavily armoured demon foes hes a valuable distraction that you can unleash on them from one side while you circle around ready to punch an arrow into their skull from behind. Yet all of this is just a small taste of what Ubisoft Montreal has in store.
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