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Industry’s Best Pneumatic Framing Nailers by Mallory Kramer

For many craftsmen, a pneumatic framing nailer is one of the greatest tools in the world. Making quick work of jobs that can take what feels like forever, and doing it with professional strength and precision, these nailers are an irreplaceable asset. If you’re in the market for one of the best framing nailers in the pneumatic world, well, you’re in luck. The following is a compiled, compacted set of reviews of the best framing nailers, and their prices, on the market today.

Hitachi’s NR83A2 framing nailer is one of the most high-quality, high-performance pneumatic framers on the market today. Weighing only 7.9 lbs the tool is clearly lightweight and the tool is extremely well balanced for the most comfortable operation and maneuverability. The framer has a tool-less depth adjustment allowing craftsmen to choose their depth of drive, and with an open nose design, extracting a jammed nail is hardly a hassle. The framer also features selective actuation, a favorite feature of most users, which allow craftsmen to simply transition from single actuation to contact actuation for the greatest versatility through a variety of applications. The tool is strong, fast, and versatile, and because it’s also so lightweight and well-balanced, continuous work and awkward applications are far less strenuous. Ultimately, the NR83A2 is a seriously tough framer built for durability on the jobsite and for reliability through the most heavy-duty applications. Lastly,pricing from about 0 – 0, Hitachi’s framer is a bit spendy, but is worth every penny. (Note: This tool is also available as a sequential trigger gun (NR83A2S) for just about 0.)

On another hand, Porter-Cable’s FR350A 3-1/2″ roundhead framing nailer is one of the more heavy-duty pneumatic framing tools on the market today. With the power to drive nails up to 3-1/2″ x 131″ into engineered lumber, the tool has intense power. The framer’s compact body design contributes to its well-balance and overall smooth style while an internal piston catch mechanism ensures each shot is consistently powerful. A selectable trigger transitions modes between restrictive or contact actuation mode, and with a tool-free adjustable depth-of-drive, craftsmen have complete control over the tool’s performance. The tool is simple to reload, and a nail lockout mechanism alerts you when its time to reload your tool. Keeping your materials protected during work, the framer also has a (tool-free, adjustable) exhaust and a (removable) non-marring nose tip, and also having on-tool storage, the FR350AR is endlessly convenient. Ranging in price from about 0 – 0, the framer is abrilliant tool at a certainly reasonable price.

The FR350A is also available reconditioned (FR350AR) for just about 0. As a reconditioned tool, this nailer presents a truly superior value to craftsmen and builders. For those unfamiliar with recons, they are an extremely great value that bring craftsmen the highest-performance tools at a tiny fraction of regular cost. Reconditioned tools, for some minor cosmetic or technical defect, have been returned to the manufacturer. There, they undergo a series of stringent tests and retests and restoration processes before being re-released with an “R” trailing the model number. This little “R” (and potentially hundreds of dollars) is truly the only difference between a brand new tool and a recon. The value with reconditioned tools is a no-brainer; when they are available, buy them.

Like Hitachi and Porter-Cable, Senco is known for building some of the best pneumatic tools and nailers in the industry. With well-seasoned experience and superior craftsmanship, Senco is an steadfast contender in the world of pneumatics. Pricing from about 0 – 0, their SN902XP framing nailer is a brilliant and saucy little tool with 904 in/lbs of power in a compact, 7.3 lb package. This round head framer is also built with a innovated design that requires up to fifteen-percent less air than other comparable models, and still having the power to drive 2 – 3-1/4″ (round head plastic collated) framing nails with fast efficiency, the nailer perfectly unites precision power and lightweight convenience. The nailer also drives 2″-3-1/2″ smooth shank nails and 2″-3″ ring shank nails. The tool’s compact design also contributes to its ability to work in tight spaces in between studs and joists, and its overall balance and ease of operation. Additionally, the gun is easy to transition from rapid fire to sequential fire and is simple to load and unload for optimal convenience on the job. The SN902XP is ideal for a huge number of applications from framing, fencing and subfloors, to trusses and decking. It additionally has a patented TrueDrive magazine to prevent jamming and an adjustable depth of drive for unfailing precision with every shot. Like the above Porter-Cable nailer, Senco’s SN902XP is also available reconditioned (if you can find it) for about 0.

In the end and whatever your needs may be, one of these nailers is certain to be an ideal framer. With big power, acute precision, and the accountability of a time-honored manufacturer, these pneumatic framing nailers are the best of the best.

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Alyssa asked Fast way to break a car windshield?

For starters, I’m not just a scumbag hoodlum. Someone has been harassing my family and myself and the police push it off as if it’s nothing. I’ve had damage done to my house and car; it’s time for payback.
I want to break a car windshield. I’m thinking something like a nail gun, or bebe gun, but I want to make sure the window is completely broken and must be replaced. I want to make sure this is forceful enough to break the window.

And got the following answer:

i in no way condone damaging others peoples property and am answering this for informational purposes only

a small chip of the ceramic part of a spark plug breaks windows with ease

Ana Stasia Nika asked When will the druzhiniki start patrolling a street near you? How soon after the GIVE act is in full swing?

And got the following answer:

Maybe it’s just me, but I find federal legislation titled “The GIVE Act” and “The SERVE Act” downright creepy. Even more troubling: The $6 billion price tag on these bills to expand government-funded national service efforts. Volunteerism is a wonderful thing, which is why millions of Americans do it every day without a cent of taxpayer money. But the volunteerism packages on the Hill are less about promoting effective charity than about creating make-work, permanent bureaucracies, and left-wing slush funds.

Expanded Americorps has an authoritarian feel

DeMint Discusses Flaws of National Service Act

“Social Innovation Fund?” If that sounds familiar, it should. the Democratic Party platform’s push to fund a “Social Investment Fund Network” that would reward “social entrepreneurs and leading nonprofit organizations” and “support results-oriented innovators.” It is essentially a special taxpayer-funded pipeline for radical liberal groups backed by billionaire George Soros that masquerade as public-interest do-gooders.

AmeriCorps from its inception are all-too-familiar with how government voluntarism programs have been used for propaganda and political purposes. AmeriCorps “volunteers” have been put to work lobbying against the voter-approved three-strikes anti-crime initiative in California and protesting Republican political events while working for the already heavily-tax-subsidized liberal advocacy group ACORN.

GOP Rep. Virginia Foxx, successfully attached an amendment to the GIVE Act to bar National Service recipients from engaging in political lobbying, endorsing or opposing legislation, organizing petitions, protests, boycotts, or strikes; providing or promoting abortions or referrals; or influencing union organizing.

Supporters of GIVE/SERVE are now fighting those restrictions tooth and nail, screaming censorship and demanding that the provisions be dropped. Which tells you everything you need to know about the true nature of this boondoggle: Taxpayers GIVE their money to SERVE a big government agenda under the guise of helping their fellow man. It’s charity at the point of a gun. o_O

JoeCool asked How to fix small holes in a steel roof?

We bought a house with a barn which has a steel roof. The roof is about 13 years old. The roof has some small leaks, which I am having trouble finding because of sheets of a material installed between the roof and the roof truss. How can I repair these leaks? Do I get some kind of liquid to spread on the roof? Or use a caulk gun?

How can I isolate the leaks without pulling down the materials on the underside ofthe roof?

And got the following answer:

To isolate leaks you can try a water hose. Start at a little below where you see water coming in, and run water gently, and very, very slowly work your way up. Do it on one panel at a time. This can be a very long process, it can take several minutes for water to work its way thru. There is the possibility that you can make it leak somwhere that it wasn’t leaking before, or that you miss the leak completely, because a hose isn’t rain. Be careful. Wet metal is slicker than goose s**t.

DO NOT attempt to seal the seams with tar. Get your bucket of tar and throw it as far away down the alley as you can, along with any kind of roll over paint crap. (Assuming you have a screw down type roof, as opposed to standing seam.)
5-v crimp roof panels are designed with a channel in the seams to allow whatever water blows in between to run out at the bottom, so putting goop between or on seams usually only damns water up and causes a leak farther up. Anyway, caulk is much easier and cleaner. If you do seal a seam, you have to go all the way to the ridge to keep water out the whole way. Be sure to caulk in between the two panel edges, not just on top.
But before you do all that…get up there and inspect.
Most likely the screws or nails have worked loose. You can re-tighten, and/or seal with some good caulk (silver gutter seam sealer, not plain latex, not silicone, and definitely not NP1, ), and or remove the old screws and replace with slightly larger so that they tighten up.
Other likely leaky spots could be anything coming through the roof, vent pipes etc.

bobpwn33 asked Can an Industrial Nail gun pierce the human skull as seen in Final Destination 3?

The video of how she dies:
Is this possible?And, how thick is the human skull?

And got the following answer:

You bet a nail gun can pierce a human skull.

dealwitit asked What songs should i add to a break up playlist?

Ok so my buddy is a rocker metal head and he just got dumped his girlfreind of over a year (it wa also his first gf) im making a playlist of songs for him i already have
Not good enough for truth: escape the fate
Shadows like Statues: matchbook romance
Hurt:nine inch nails
Back off Bitch:Guns and roses
venus doom: him
sorry if i misnamed a band trying to do this all from memory! what else should i add?

And got the following answer:

SlipKnoT – “Snuff”
(Despite the band, this is one of the most heartbreakingly beautiful songs that I’ve ever heard)

Singer Corey taylor also did some depressing breakup songs in his other band Stone Sour…
“Hesitate” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qrv6sa0PrtU
“Miracles” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_2NZC-JUy4E
“Imperfect” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZXOUFwVZ2m0

morgan king asked Whats the name of the movie where a dude kills people with a air compressed tool?

Maybe air compressor or nail gun or ribbeting gun

And got the following answer:

That’s Javier Bardem in “No Country For Old Men” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=17XQ6MyTnpw&feature=fvst

Super Jay asked What is the Charles Manson cover song of Cease to Exist done by?

Was it Nine Inch Nails? Or did Marilyn Manson cover it? One of those groups recorded some Manson tracks near or on the property where Sharon Tate was murdered. I think it was a cover of Charlie Manson’s
“Cease to Exist.” The Beach Boys did a cover called “Cease to Resist” or “Never Learn Not to Love” and watered down Manson’s lyrics.

And got the following answer:

It was on Guns N’ Roses 1993 “The Spaghetti Incident?” cd as the unlisted 13th track.

Look At Your Game Girl by Guns N’ Roses

Look At Your Game Girl by Charles Manson